PUL presentation

The Propulseur Universel Light, or PUL, is a 4D Harmonizer: nasal, labial, maxillary and mandibular harmonizer. It benefits from the latest technical evolutions in orthodontics.

"Since 2001, more than a mandibular advancer ! Transforming a difficult case of Class 2 or 3 into a simple case of Class 1"

Designed in 1997 by Elie Callabe, orthodontist, and Jean-Charles Morin, specialist in orthodontic laboratory appliances, the PUL was first introduced in France in 2001 after 4 years of clinical and technical validations.
Since then, it has received technical improvements over the years. The PUL is now an indispensable tool in the start of malocclusion treatments. It corrects the functional, sagittal, vertical and transversal dysfunctions, hence the designation as “4D Harmonizer”.

"I think that you have interpreted better than anyone else in the world, up to this moment, the contemporary orthodontic treatment concept. In great part this is due to the use of the PUL: a clever appliance good for treatement but specially marvellous for long term retention: this is my sincere opinion. Your organized approach to the patient, the logical and pratical treatment sequence and the type of retention, all deserve recognition. This is the reason I would like to speak about you by a stimulating lecture for everyone at congresses giving credit to what you have done for contemporary orthodontics. The stimulating title of the lecture could be: Top Contemporary Orthodontics, is it time to forget what we learned in he past?"
Professor Franco Magni

"The PUL changed my life because, now, when I see a Class II D1 or D2, I know that I will resolve this mandibular back problem (that is often the case). Treat Class II become a real pleasure now. And what result, a beautiful Class I, a good mesh, happy parents surprised by the result and a kid who smile with all of his teeths !".
Doctor JL Busquets

Adopted by practitioners and laboratories all over the world!

PUL Concept and the innovation:

Prize "TrempoliNNo" received in 2010!


  • Better patient compliance
  • Aesthetic and comfortable: it is discreet, light, allows a good diction and can be worn at school.
  • Physiological: gentle propulsion due to the integrated coil-springs (TMJ protection).
  • Universal: it is indicated for all facial typologies.
  • Multi-functional4D harmonizer, it allows several simultaneous actions, sagittaly, transversally, vertically and functionally, saving treatment time.

PUL effects:

PUL Concept
The PUL changes life of patients and practicioners!


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