Advice to start with

We advise you to begin with the PUL this way:

1. Train yourself to prescribe the appliance! Consult the page here.
2. Be sure that the laboratory you work with has followed a technical training to manufacture the PUL.
3. Download the prescription file that you will send to your lab for each PUL you order, by clicking here.
4. Create your own free account on our website to consult all the pages, by clicking here!
5. Order your products by consulting the order forms on this page.
6. Ask Dr Callabe opinion about your patients, by registering free on our Study Group forum by clicking here, to exchange with him.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

Download the patient leaflet, by clicking here and consult the newsletter "the 7 keys for the success of an orthodontic treatment".

PUL Concept
The PUL changes life of patients and practicioners!


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