What is the PUL?

Information about PUL appliance
The PUL is a removable appliance, used to correct Class II and Class III.
This is an appliance which allows simultaneous actions, is discreet and aesthetic. PUL treatment is painless and less invasive than others solutions. You have to wear the PUL 22h/24 (you have to remove it when you eat or make sports).
The adaptation is fast even if it is normal that the PUL discomfort you, during the first days for talk or swallow.
In several cases, it is normal that the PUL do not hold on the teeth or fall down when you open the mouth : it is a lingual re-educationel effect.
In some laboratories, you can personalize your PUL appliance : with colors or glitters!
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Some videos of patients with PUL
Message for parents
The PUL is an ideal activator for children who are growing up.
We advise you to find an orthodontist trained to prescribe PUL appliance, which will explain you clearly the diagnostic and treatment plan adapted to your child.
If necessary, do not hesitate to contact us mentionning where you live, we can probably tell you if we know a trained orthodontist near your home.
Do not hesistate to sen us an email with the button Contact!
PUL Concept
The PUL changes life of patients and practicioners!


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